Constantin Werner


These are stills and poster cover art from the two stage productions:

BOX, written by Constantin Werner, produced at LaMama, E.T.C., New York City 1996
BLACKBIRD, written by Adam Rapp, produced at Theater/Theater, Los Angeles 2003

Praise for BOX:

"Constantin Werner has concocted a delightfully absurd farce about modern pairing and the aliens that reside in the chest, speaking like mommy and daddy."
(Stone/The Village Voice)

Praise for BLACKBIRD:

"(Bruce Marshall) Romans is exceptional ... director Constantin Werner gives the impression he's inhabited these lives."
(Madleine Shaner/Backstage West)
"...not for the faint of heart .... the actors bravely give themselves over to their roles, and director Constantin Werner keeps the action on a boil..."
(Daryl Miller/LA Times)