Constantin Werner

Dead Leaves

Trailer (Quicktime- Broadband)

"this is a beautiful-looking film ... with a baroque sense of shadow and color. Sadness seems to ooze from every frame..."
(Gregory S.Burkart/Monsters At Play)

"The film is well done and engaging throughout... a high quality film about a disturbing subject."
(David Carter/Film Fanaddict Magazine)

"...striking, a stylistic reflection on eternal love versus sudden death."
(Alfons Engelen/Film&Televisie/Belgium)

"A brooding, grungy film poem. DVD Rating: Good."
(Mark Richard Hasan/Told You So Productions)
"... an exciting union of the European narrative tradition with the raw, more direct American style. A debut feature with great ambitions, which does not avoid the unpleasant."
(Bengt Toll/Swedish Film Institute) 

"...DEAD LEAVES dares to show the unpleasant and the profound."
(Mats Slado/Stockholm Observer)

"...a meditation on the furthest reaches of obsessive love and personal pathology..."
(Lael Loewenstein/Variety)

"....a true discovery, distrurbing and impressive."
(Marcus Stiglegger/Ikonenmagazin)

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