Constantin Werner


Constantin Werner is a German born writer, director and producer of film, TV, theater and music videos working out of Los Angeles.

His second feature film THE PAGAN QUEEN, a historic drama with fantasy elements based on the legend of Libuse, the Slavic queen of 8th century Bohemia, was released theatrically in the Czech Republic in October 2009. Since then the film has been sold to over a dozen countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Russia.

His award winning first feature DEAD LEAVES premiered at the 1999 AFI festival in Los Angeles. The film went on to festivals around the world, including the Mar del Plata festival in Argentina and the Gothenburg film festival in Sweden. (The Belgium film magazine Film Critic called it "daring and profound.") The film was released in the US by Cult Epics/RYKO/Time Warner in May 2005. 

Constantin's producing credits include the action TV-series PUMA (directed by martial arts legend Donnie Yen) for RTL, Germany's largest network and the independent films FIREFLIES (starring Kate Mara, Dan Frazer, Isabel Glaser) and the 2004 Cult Epics underground release BETTIE PAGE, DARK ANGEL. His stage directing credits include his play BOX for La MaMa ETC, New York City's oldest avant-garde theater (The Village Voice: "Constantin Werner has concocted a delightful comedy") and the West Coast premiere of Pulitzer Prize nominee Adam Rapp's play BLACKBIRD ("not for the faint of heart ... Constantin Werner keeps the action boiling" said the Los Angeles Times.) 

His music video credits including cips for the LA bands Scarling, Gliss and Terror.